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Prestige Garage Doors is not franchised which means we could use any garage door from any manufacturer. Our many years of experience have taught us to use only the best products from the best manufacturers that are listed below. It's also made us aware of what products to avoid and this advice will be freely passed on to you. Should you have your heart set on a product that we don't confidently recommend, still feel free to contact us as there may be other options we can offer! If we're invited to come and carry out a free on-site survey, we will firstly discuss your needs and find out if you have anything particular in mind. From there we can tell you exactly how we would carefully remove your existing door and frame and how we would refit and finish off your new door. Then, we can work out a price and leave it in writing, along with any literature, for your consideration. Our quotes and advice are free, come with no obligation and above all are relaxed with no 'hard sell' or high pressure selling techniques. Also, for your total piece of mind we do not request any deposit! Once your order is placed and your door in stock, generally the whole job from start to finish is completed within a day so your property will never be left vulnerable.

There are three main types of garage door: Up & Over door, Roller Door and Sectional Door. There is a little bit more information on these below.

Up & Over garage doors

Up & over doors use two types of operating gear. These are canopy and retractable. Canopy doors are the more common version. They use vertical tracks that are fixed behind the frame and so take up less room inside the garage. When the door is open, approximately two thirds of it will be inside the garage with the other one third protruding outside and forming the canopy. Once fitted, we fine tune the spring giving the door a perfect balance and making it very easy to operate.

The retractable doors are generally intended for automation either at the time of fitting or if you plan on automation at a later date. With this system, the tracks run horizontally back into the garage, carrying the whole door inside when open. This does take up slightly more room inside the garage, but allows an electric operator to run the door effortlessly.

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Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are becoming ever more popular with homeowners looking for a garage door that ticks all the boxes as standard! Roller garage doors are fully finished, automatic, insulated and seal all round. They are also highly secure, with the SeceuroGlide Excel being one of the best having earned the approval of the Loss Prevention Certification Board and is a Police Preferred Specification. These doors also win in areas that others fail as they take up virtually no room inside the garage and also allow you to park right up to it both inside and out meaning storage space in the garage is maximized as is parking space on the driveway. The only room required by the roller garage door is a small amount of headroom above the opening. (Either 205mm or 300mm)

If a roller garage door is what you want, then there really is no question that the range of SeceuroGlide and SeceuroGlide Compact doors is the only real option! If required, SWS UK do also make a manual version, but this tends not to be as popular as it's auto counterpart.

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Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are unique in their operation. The twin tracked system allows a door made up of 4 or 5 sections to lift vertically, bend, and then travel back into the garage horizontally. As with the roller garage door, the sectional allows parking and floor storage right up to either side of it but it's complex tracks do require quite a substantial amount of internal head space to be sacrificed. They are terrifically versatile with an almost endless number of combinations including insulation levels, colours, finishes and designs.

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Side Hinged Doors

Side hinged garage doors are the least popular of all the types, but these versatile doors should not be overlooked. If you tend to use your garage more as storage, for bicycles or as a general means of access to the house, then these doors can be ideal as they are operated just like any normal door. They take up no space inside the garage, they can be supplied in many different maintenance free finishes, with a 50/50 or 60/40 split format and they can be weather sealed and insulated. The only drawback here is that if you intend to fit these to a garage that is used to store a car, they will reduce your drive through width by approximately 4" from the frame width. Also, contrary to popular belief, they can also be automated using the special kit from Hormann.

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Hopefully you have found this information helpful, but if there is anything else you would like to know, just ask!
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